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Product Review – BrianH Repro Turret Board

Since my favourite reissue Plexi has been through so many experimentations and modifications throughout the years, including a full power scaling install at one point, it was in a pretty messy state and needed a serious overhaul. After tidying up the power stage wiring, neatly twisting the wires to avoid any excess noise (and also create free space inside the amp), I decided this amp would really benefit from a brand new circuit board – especially since the old one had been sawn in half at one point!

After reviewing pricing and options, I decided to go with a board made by BrianH from the Metroamp forums. The price of $60 was attractive, especially since Brian doesn’t charge extra for custom boards, which was particularly important in this case. The 1959SLP board mountings don’t match either the original plexi amps or the Metroamp kits, so boards made for those two types of amp would not fit mine.

circuit board layout

Brian was particularly helpful and patient in getting the measurements just right with me for this board to fit the 1959slp, and came up with some innovative ways of getting the spacings between components to “look vintage”, ie. very closely resemble the orientation of parts on a vintage plexi Marshall. We also had to figure out how to incorporate turrets and space for the effects loop resistor, and an elegant solution was eventually found.

repro turret board

The board that arrived was of high quality; rock solid, perfectly drilled and staked with split top turrets and to my exacting specifications. Moreover, the colour and feel of it was great and looked extremely close to the look of a vintage Marshall circuit board, except for the changes I’d made for mounting locations, and a space to put the large ceramic effects loop resistor.

Overall, I was really pleased with it, and it makes my amp look so much tidier!

Bainzys Plexi

– Bainzy

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